Sunday, May 8, 2011

Happy Mother's Day

Happy Mother's Day to my school friends. It seems like yesterday that we were worrying about scraping together our pennies to buy our mother's some little trinket to show her we loved her. It was never much, but she fussed and preened over it like it was gold. There were days when we were in high school when we 'just couldn't stand THAT woman messing around in our life' but when it came to Mother's Day, we still worried about getting 'the right thing'...we 'tried' to cook for her....and just like when we were little, there was much fuss made for our little effort.

Happy Mother's Day to my college friends. Most Mother's Days past, we were worrying about our final exams, where we would be working for the summer, what our boy/girlfriends would be doing without us, could we keep in touch, and probably didn't put much thought into mother's day. We sent a card, we called, and even tho she sounded older, maybe tired-er, there was still a fuss made over our efforts.

Happy Mother's Day to my online friends, most all of them from random cooking groups and blogs. Unfortunately, a lot of us talk about 'Memory Food'....or things we would make our Mamas if they were still with us.

Now, most of us have passed thru the 'Mama' stage and moved on to the Grandmama stage. All my little friends from school/high school are making the fuss and preening over little trinkets brought to us by snotty nosed munchkins with dirty hands that are not ours, but our children's babies. The circle of life continues.

To all of you, who may or may not have your mama near to still hear her voice, to those whose mama is in heaven, and to those who may be Mama to a one or many, to those who don't have any babies of their own but love deeply those who belong to friendsand relatives, I wish YOU a blessed and wonderful Mother's Day. Being a mother changes you, but the love doesn't necessarily come from 'giving birth' happens in the heart the first time it melts when you are handed a bundle of wiggles and giggles no matter who gave birth to them. Sometimes it doesn't kick in until you are handed the baby of your baby and you wonder why it took you so long. To ALL of you....have a happy mother's day.

God loves you and so do I. And just think, Jesus was once that grubby little toddler who handed Mary that 'flower' with the roots still hanging. I think she smiled.