Friday, October 5, 2012

Addendum to the THE Trip

Although I will be posting  a wrap-up (too many thoughts still swirling in my head), I did want to give you the links to everything.  After all the backslapping and glad-handing done last Thursday (9/27), they did a nice write up in their newsletter.  Here it is:

Also, I missed linking some of the places we visited/services we used, so here there are: The Henry Doorly Zoo and Aquarium The Durham Western Heritage Museum Epply Airfield Chicago Midway Airport Philadelphia International Airport Southeastern Pennsylvania Transit Authority (septa), we used the Airport Line and the Trenton Line (Cornwell's Heights station)

If you happen to get out that way, stop by these places.  Tell them Ginny sent you.  If they say 'huh'? Tell them the woman who blew into their city, wanted to know where the closest ladies room was, and blew back out and they'll say 'oh, her.  Tell her 'HI'...." !!!!!!!!

Also, any of your Aureus people reading this.  please feel free to comment and plug yourself where you need a plug (like the pictures on facebook......just 'friend' me and you can see all the pictures you might not want to see), also, if you see any mistakes or missed any links, let me know.  I'm only human, ya know.........

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  1. Breakfast was at Bailey's, owned by absolutely fresh. :)