Thursday, July 2, 2009

Getting Ready for the Fourth

Got to get my behind in gear, as there are only 2 (if you count what is left of today) more days until my house is invaded by relatives, friends, friends of relatives....that is IF any of them RSVP me!!!! Only Sister-in-law, the Darling Debbie, and Erica, mom of my eldest dearest grandbaby Matthew and his brother the Curiously Cute Christian, let me know they were coming....The rest of them, feh.......I guess they figure I'll always be here, so if they don't get any better offers, they'll show. If it wasn't so late, I would let those know who said they were coming that I changed locales. Let the rest of them get here and find no one home!!!!! Aren't I bad? You know I would never do it, but it is soooo nice to fantasize about.

Bought four tubs for ice to put drinks in....only bought 20 cases of soda, one case of beer, one case of wine coolers, three case of water and a whole bunch of food (I haven't gotten that far enough in my plans to have actually bought it yet - gotta clean out the fridge to make room).

Dinner tonight, sausage and peppers. Big whoop of a recipe, parboil hot and mild sausage links, plop in crock pot, cover with sliced bell peppers and onions and let from rolls. I plan on dinner on the fly tonight as I have to go to Bethlehem to take Joshua to scouts......I know, I hate going there, but poor, poor, pitiful hubby doesn't feel well (can't you see the pity I feel 'oozing' from me?)......Oh well, I'll leave him in charge of getting the girls motivated to help me get ready.......that should fix his red wagon. Enough for now........maybe tomorrow.

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