Wednesday, July 1, 2009

July is Here!!!! ARRRRGGGGH

Well, here it is, the first of July. The year is beginning it's second half, and what do I have to show for it. We are having a 4th of July party here on Saturday and the house isn't even near to being clean.....(that whirling sound you hear is my dear departed MIL spinning in her grave - she was the prototype for Mr. Clean). I still have to make a menu and follow up on the invitations and THEN get the food.......

Tonight, however, is our church's program Prayer in the Park. Instead of the usual Wednesday night prayer meetings held my the majority of all Protestant churches, ours opts for a covered dish dinner at the local park followed by corporate prayer (if you don't know what corporate prayer is, well, you just haven't been to church lately, now, have you?). My family is on the rotation for setting this up this week. Couple that with my other duties I have assumed, it will be busy.

Our church provides meals for those who are ill, shut in or otherwise in need of temporary assistance with preparing meals. The lady who normally does this is on a much needed vacation, so I was asked to help her by rounding up the posse of cooks and deliverers for the next two weeks. Easier said than done. One, however, has been a true joy. She is, to say the least, the heart of the church. At approximately 96 years young, there are very few people, old, new or in-between that Mildred doesn't know or at least prays for on a daily basis. She is slowly winding down and is currently in need of assistance. But to offer to help her is met with 'what can I do for you?'. She always has a good thing to say to you or about you, is always happy even knowing her time remaining with us is short. You know she is truly happy about getting to meet the Savior she has been praising all of her life, but you can't help but feel sad that this tiny spark of vitality will soon no longer be with us. Is it selfish to wish we could hold her close and tell Death not to take her from us? Probably. But knowing her deep and abiding faith, you KNOW Death will not have the final laugh, there will be no victory for the grave. The old, tired body she now occupies will be replaced when she is taken into the presence of her Master and I know she, of all people, will be met with 'well done, good and faithful servant'.. Enough here, the keys on the computer are starting to dampen, must be a leak in the ceiling (don't get me started on leaks).

Back to PIP, as Prayer in the Park is referred to. Last week I made up little disposable soup cups to take to Mildred. As with most covered dish dinners, there are tons of this and a little of that, all mingled on long tables waiting for the convergence of the hordes. I took the little cups and put a little of this in one and a little of another in another cup. Not that I thought I was doing anything spectacular, just giving a little taste to someone who has been eating like a sparrow. All this week, every time I run into someone from the church, I have heard about these cups, how much she liked them. I stopped by her house and she actually had them washed and wanted me to re-use them this week!!!!! She has been a real boost to my spirits this week, while I have been trying to buoy hers.....

I have to get on with the trapping of life and stop typing and actually get up and get things done. So this ends, at least for now, the most recent of my know....cheese.

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